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A new startup initiative: - A community site

Lately there has been a traction from my usual work, and was thinking about starting something very different and helpful to the community.  Various ideas where jumping in my mind, but as usual ideas are ideas and of no use unless it sees the light of the day.   Did tried attempt at various small open source projects, in PHP, rails, MVC, jQuery, but never completed any of them fully.  Something always stopped me at the last moment.

But the good thing is there was tremendous learning in all these activities.  Learned a ton.  But one thing always hounded my mind, my incomplete OSS projects.

So, this time, didn't thought much,  just jumped straight in, took the code editor and begin designing my ideas as code.  One of the outcome is, a community initiative were some lucky bookwormers may get cool books, absolutely free.  That's not all, once the site is up, there will be unique features and opportunities to grab.

The idea behind this is to keep the reading habits alive in people, and doing my bit in the way.  It's not about winning a free, book, its about what you do with it.  It's about sharing.  As time goes by, there will be intelligent quizzes, tips, puzzles, which keeps your brain tickle.  Keep it alive, and in the process win a book.  Those things are still in my head, but will soon come out in the form of code.

I will definitely release this as OSS, once I get all basic things done correctly, as I don't want to share bad code.   Believe me there will be some real gems in the code, in terms of design, coding pattern and much more, which definitely I have learned from the ever helping communities in the internet.

Also, planning to setup up a place in the site to offer books to needy students, children, in remote places, but don't have any idea about how go about doing that.

If anyone reads this post, and knows something in this direction, then do leave a comment.

Enough ranting.... regular post will resume soon.  Plan to finish Javascript series and then start with MVC 4.

Enjoy reading!


Homemade Movies said…
Hello! I've been reading your web site for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Porter Tx! Just wanted to mention keep up the great job!

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