Monday, November 01, 2010

Learn like a child

This is a post to symbolize how much your child can teach you. This is dedicated to all the teachers in our little ones who periodically reminds us or open up little nuggets on the philosophy of living and learning.

Have you ever paid attention to how a child learns? For e.g. if you give him anything for e.g. a toy, what does he do with it?

First since toys are usually bright in colors kids are attracted to it. Once toys catches their attention the child touches it. Then it shakes it to hear the sound. Then it smells it. Then it try to put it in his mouth. And finally it throws it away.....

Hmm.. You may think this is silly and the child's attention span is very less. But in reality the child is using all the five senses to understand things around it. For e.g. he sees the colour, he touches it, he smells it, he shakes it to hear the sound, he puts it in his mouth to check how it tastes and then when there is nothing more to learn he throws it and tries to break it to see how things are made!

Essentially this is the learning process with which each one of us is born with but we tend to break this natural habits.

We do this in many ways? For e.g. when kids come to us say to play or ask anything normally we divert them to some other activities like a television, or a toy or anything. What we don't realize is in the process we are curbing their natural instinct to learn and explore things around them.

For kids learning is everything, even learning is more important than playing so much as playing is more important that eating and so much as eating is more important than sleeping.

Kids try to learn in every possible way. And as adult we do the exact opposite. Next time when kids ask us anything or breaks things, don't discourage them as this is the way they learn.

Time for some reflection now!!!